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FrankfurtRheinMain is the Financial Centre of the Eurozone and a Growing FinTech Hub

  • Traditionally, Frankfurt has been the headquarters for a large majority of German banks like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, KfW, DZ Bank, Deka Bank and Helaba.
  • Practically all other banks and financial services companies located elsewhere in Germany have set up large regional offices in the area.
  • Some major domestic and international insurance companies are located in Frankfurt and the neighbouring Wiesbaden.
  • Deutsche Börse Group, operating some of the leading exchanges worldwide for both equities and derivatives is located here.
  • Through Xetra, its electronic trading platform, FWB is one of the largest electronic cash stock markets worldwide.
  • The German Federal Bank (Bundesbank) is located in Frankfurt.
  • Frankfurt hosts the EU insurance supervisory body known as EIOPA.
  • The European Central Bank (ECB) has its premises in Frankfurt. Not only due to its monetary policy for the Eurozone but especially against the backdrop of the role of the ECB as the banking supervisory authority for lanrge banks (balance sheet >€30 billion), the city is the centre of monetary and supervisory policy.
  • As a result of this agglomeration of financial institutions, the vast majority of foreign financial firms have also decided to set up operations in Frankfurt - a fitting indication of the importance of this city and region from an international perspective.
  • The region offers a strong connection to the "real" economy: consulting, ICT, automotive, life sciences, advanced manufacturing.
  • Perfect technical infrastructure at the world's leading internet exchange DE-CIX.
  • About 530,000 jobs in the sector = large community of financial experts.